teethandambitions replied to your post: Does anyone have recommendations for truck rental…

WHERE ARE YOU MOVING INQUIRING MINDS WANT TO KNOW. Also I wanna help, but my advice is 15 years old on this subject, soooooooo :P

Providence, most likely. And yeah, I’ve moved all over the country but it was yeeeaaarrrs ago, and my family and I were living in an RV at the time, so… I don’t have a lot to go on from my own experience.

Wednesday Apr 25 12:50pm
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  1. goshkanani said: Providence, Tx? Is that what that is? IS IT? IS THAT WHAT IT IS? I WANT IT TO BE WHAT IT IS.
  2. badhabits-goodtimes said: AAAAAAH, KOREE IS COMING TO MY COAST!
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